Who We Are

New York Rendering is an international team of talented renderers, modellers, marketing specialists, animators, lighting designers, furniture designers, graphic designers, photo editors and space engineers able to deliver polished, top-quality imagery for important projects.

What We Do

Our work includes 3D rendering visualisations in the form of 3Dimages, video exploration of indoor and outdoor spaces, animated videos, 360º videos, and marketing videos.

Our 3D visualization work supports:

  • Architectural design
  • Real estate sales
  • Interior design
  • Furniture and product design

Contact us to view private or copyrighted samples of our work not in our online portfolio.

Our Process


Project scoping:

We meet to discuss the project to understand all aspects of a project so we can commit to a delivery timeline and cost.


Asset assembly:

Our work can be done from sketches, pictures, descriptions, mood boards, and Illustrator or AutoCAD files. Since we ultimately build our 3D spaces in AutoCAD 3D, it saves time if clients can send CAD – and we pass that on as a savings to client. All files are collected into Google Drive project folders before we begin work.


Object and Space Modeling:

The first step in the actual work is building shapes that will become the images we create. We have a large library of existing models to draw from which saves time. For aspects that are created from scratch, we add as much detail as possible to enhance the sense of reality in the final image.


Image and Video Composition

Any work of art communicates a perspective through how the image is framed and styled. Composing an image involves balancing empty space with other elements to make the image feel complete and beautiful.


Lighting and Textures:

This is where the magic happens. It is where models become things – and those things are presented in artistic ways that beautifully communicate your design concepts and branding.


Sending to “Render”:

To “render” means to draw the image into a file, dot by dot, pixel by pixel. We output our still image renders at a standard of 4000 pixels to create high-quality images suitable for print if needed. Our video output is the standard 1080 pixels which is for HD screens. This level of quality requires a great amount of computer power, and we rent what is called a render farm to handle our rendering. This makes it so a 4000-pixel render takes 30 seconds instead of four hours, greatly increasing our efficiency on your projects.


Get Feedback:

Our main goal is to present your work in the most compelling way and while you can trust that we will delivery top quality imagery, we do our best work when we collaborate. Feedback is essential to the process of making magic, and we enjoy working with you to find the best way to make your projects shine.


Final Delivery:

After an average of two iterations per project, we always provide the finished images and videos on time – or early.